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Music Appreciation


We believe that music is for everyone, and that studying music brings lasting value to one’s life. Whether classical, jazz, music-theatre, opera, ballet, or even folk and pop - through thoughtful presentation and with our guidance, you can enjoy your favourite music with more understanding and depth.

Our Music Appreciation course is truly unique - we work on a case-by-case basis, crafting a programme that suits your interest. Time and again, we have seen how our method adds joy and purpose to the lives of our clients. If you have always wanted to know what makes your favourite music so special, do consider taking this course!


Music Performance


We believe that anyone can make music - and that everyone should make music.  It is part of what makes us human. The study of music connects us to the world and shapes the way we communicate, the way we work with others, and stimulates curiosity and creativity in individuals of all ages.

If you choose to Study Music Performance with us, we will tailor your private-tuition to your personal interest in music.  With an emphasis on technique, musicianship, stage-presence, and production - you will achieve your ambitions through private-tuition with our first-order instructors.

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Music Composition & Notation

In a multitude of styles, we proudly offer lessons in Music Composition & Notation that are premier, comprehensive, and practical.  It is our experience that an individual’s interest in writing music should be :

1) matured through in-person tuition by an instructor with diverse and extraordinary experience,
2) grounded in a broad-ranging survey of music history, theory, and technique, and
3) enlivened by the live performance and recording of their completed works.

By studying with us you will receive exactly that experience, and thrill as your music-writing blooms into maturity and with the highest form!

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Music Theory


The above items are foundational, and considered necessary areas of comprehension for any individual wishing to engage with music at the highest level - not least to mention that competence in these areas is expected of prospective students and industry-professionals, alike.

Between our instructors there exists a breadth of experience and maturity of understanding that is nigh impossible-to-find outside of a first-class conservatoire of music.  For those wishing to prepare for university or for the music industry, do consider taking this course!

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Feeling overwhelmed about University or Conservatoire applications? Upcoming Auditions, Competitions, or Scholarship proposals?

No matter your age, skill level, or ambition - everyone starts somewhere, and preparing for this type of task is stressful and confusing.  We have been there before! - and undoubtedly, will be in this position many-times-more over the course of our careers.

With years of experience between us - and including successful applications to the most prestigious music and business schools in the United States, Britain, and France - we are well equipped to help you find career success!



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90 minute - $93.00

for anyone booking 3 or fewer sessions in one transaction
60 minute - $70.00
90 minute - $100.00

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