Music Appreciation

This sentiment is common…
“that music is enjoyable and impactful, yet it feels indecipherable to me.”

We believe that music is for everyone.  It touches our shared, fundamental, human-experience - of joy and pleasure, of life and death.  However, too often, this same music is unapproachable because it is complex, rich, layered, ancient - and also, because it is so often stilted or elite.

We believe that through thoughtful presentation and with our guidance, you can enjoy music with a deep and valuable understanding!

If you choose to Study Music Appreciation with us, we will design a course tailored to your personal interest in music - whether that is classical, jazz, music-theatre, opera, ballet, or even folk and pop music!

There are three elements to this program:

  • Weekly or biweekly in-person private-tuition - via video-call is also available.

  • Take-home material in many forms: reading, audio, video, etc.

  • Live-music performances - tickets arranged for you upon request, tailored to your personal interest.


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